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LADMUS Platinum Limited

President's Welcome

In our years of operations, we at LADMUS Platinum Limited are grateful for the creativity and dedication of the firm’s personnel and all those who preceded us in building the firm into what it is today: one of the leading engineering, procurement and construction company in the country.

All of us at LADMUS Platinum are committed to preserving the focused, ambitious, energetic, and collegial culture at our firm while expanding the innovative ways we bring value to our clients.

Our firm is guided by the following values:

  • Provide clients with the best possible engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance services and planning services.
  • Take time for family, colleagues, and friends who are all part of our extended family.
  • Maintain respect, openness, honesty, and good humor in our business and personal lives.

These principles inform our decisions each day as we work to build the future. We are a young firm, and we will retain the perspective of a young company as we continually adapt and innovate to meet our clients’ changing needs in an evolving market. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

On behalf of all of us, welcome to LADMUS.

    President, LADMUS Platinum Limited


LADMUS platinum treats the workforce as the greatest and most important asset. The major criterion for recruiting personnel is merit. Merit is the basic criterion for employment while every staff is judged on the basis of their ability, suitability and results delivery for specific tasks and positions. Race, sex, nationality, religion, background, marital status, sexual orientation never clouds our judgement.

The above criterion does not only apply to staff recruitment but also to staff promotion. Staff are upgraded in their particular skills through opportunities made available from company’s organization and procedures. Our collective skills are formidable resources at the disposal of clients and could be brought to bear on major projects.

Management Team Profile

Everyone of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible jobs

Badmus Bukola

Managing Director / Project Manager

Abdulazeez Fatai

Executive Director

Kolawole Oluwatobilo

Civil Engineer

Abidoye Bamidele

Electrical Engineer

Ogundana Adewale

Site Engineer

Adeniran Adedotun


Patrick Echatah

Operating Officer

Abiodun Shukuroh

Surveyor and Geo-Informatics